Dark Lord Day 2016 has come and gone, so how are you going to open your bottles?

An axe.

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3 Floyds has a new bottle opener, shaped like an axe. Up for grabs is one of the two-sided versions, which can be used to open up non-Dark Lord bottles.

  • Awaffleho

    Beats using my ring. Also… Metal.

  • Theniz

    I usually use my Upland bottle opener, but this beats the hell out of that!

  • fil

    OXO Good Grips bottle opener is my go to opener.

  • Anonymous

    I love my Side Project Derivation 5 barrel stave opener

  • Brian

    I use a yopener

  • Zane Gamble
  • JeffK

    I use whatever the latest swag opener I get. Then they go into the collection.

  • DJ Smith

    roll of snus is my go to opener.

  • Dustin

    SnS Churchkey

  • Mike T

    Like using my XIKAR multi tool cutter

  • Tim

    I just have a magnetic one on my fridge. This bottle opener is pretty bad ass. Thanks for the chance.

  • Shay Kirkpatrick

    Guess that I will just keep smashing them against the wall if I don’t win that opener.

  • Matt Papke

    I actually enjoy using my ring to open a bottle! Mostly because I only recently figured out that is able to be done!

  • Have a wall mounted one, this would class up the patio.

  • irratebass

    Very cool bottle opener! Thanks for the contest!

  • Swede214

    What a great looking tool!

  • bob langmaid

    My favorite opener is my Jeff Gordon opener!!

    • ClickClick

      I LOVE Jeff! I need to get one of those. Poconos Sunday!

  • Blake Towe

    Cool looking opener.

  • Brian Massey

    That is cool so I am posting!

  • Erick

    That’s an awesome opener!

  • Jason Meyers


  • Jay

    Dayum that’s fly

  • Vidan


  • Christopher Brose

    Don’t have a favorite as of yet. Just have openers that open.

  • Miguel Rocha

    Havent had an opinion on an opener

  • Line Bitton


  • Emil Liddell


  • galos11

    This is my favorite!

  • hanajibu

    Anyone that doesn’t damage the bottlecap.

  • ClickClick

    The one that is featured is really nice. My husband would like it.

  • Goolick