It has been said that the one constant in life is change, and that is certainly true for Garrett Crowell.

Having started out as a volunteer for Austin-based Jester King Brewery in March 2012, Crowell was hired as a brewer in October that same year before being named head brewer in 2014. At that position, he was an integral part of creating the brewery’s mixed culture of brewer’s yeast that is used to ferment almost all of its beers.

However, that path changed in late 2016, when Jester King announced Crowell was leaving to start his own brewery with girlfriend Adrienne Ballou, who headed up Jester King’s barrel program before departing the brewery in 2016 to pursue a career in wine making. The yet to be named new brewery is slated to be located “somewhere in the great yonder of the TX Hill Country,” and will most likely not be focusing on any particular beer styles or guidelines.

In fact, unlike his work at Jester King, Crowell will not be concentrating on sour beers, and in fact, may not be producing sour beers at all, at least at first. According to Crowell, this decision has less to do with the possible proximity to the infamous sour beer producer, and more to do with an evolving personal preference, as they “just kind of wore out on me.”

For now, Ballou has started her own wine label named Lightsome Wines, while Crowell is spending time dealing with all of the issues that pop up as the new brewery is being built, although no official opening date has been set.