Welcome to Tenemu.

Although Tenemu has its public launch today, the roots of the site go back about 18 months, when Charlie Minato and I decided to combine my love of craft beer with his love of using Basecamp for as many things as possible. We envisioned a site that would publish multiple times daily. One that will have in-depth news articles instead of just reposting press releases. And of course a site that will publish comprehensive reviews with professional photographs taken in-house.

Despite the fact that we are based in Dallas, we will be publishing news and reviews about beers from all over the world. We also have and will continue to visit and photograph breweries and portraits of brewers around the globe, giving an extensive look at the inner workings of each location.

The look of the site is noticeably different from halfwheel, and that was done on purpose. While both sites are owned and run by the same people, and will sometimes have the same audience, Tenemu will have its own voice, its own way of doing things and its own style.

Much like our other site halfwheel, the name of the site is quite relevant to the beer world—or in this case, its history—but it is also a bit of an unfamiliar term. The word tenemu is actually a translation of one of the words the ancient Egyptians used to name their version of beer, or tnmu. The logo that includes 10 emus is just a literal representation of the translated name, as we find it much more interesting than yet another beer mug, beer bottle or some random combination of the two.

There are almost as many beer blogs as there are grains of sand in the ocean, but we are a bit different. We’re an operation with a dedicated and full-time and part-time staff. We have an office, expectations form our past endeavor and experience about what it takes to build a site from nothing, into, well—a blog that has an office.

As with halfwheel, our ultimate goal is simple to say, but not so simple to accomplish: produce a website that we would want to read. We hope you enjoy it too.