7 Exciting Dice Drinking Games To Boost Your Party Fun

Are you also tired of hosting boring summer parties? Well, this time, it’s time to kick it up a notch with a little booze! I used to host really gloomy parties till last summer, but this time, I decided to go include some drinking games and hanging out with friends hasn’t been cooler.

Well, there are a lot of drinking games and obviously one can’t play all at once, that’s why we have brought some dice drinking games for you! Let’s get started. 

7 Best Dice Drinking Games

Drinking games with dice is one of the best combinations to get the party animal spirit out of everyone so that they can enjoy themselves to their fullest! The partygoers would enjoy playing the dice games and cheering for the drinker. Here are 7 best dice drink game we collected that wouldn’t fail to impress anyone: 

Six Cups

This is one of the simplest games needing a maximum of 6 people, 6 empty cups for the alcohol and only one dice. 

  • Number each empty cup from 1 to 6.
  • Now, decide on the first player and let them roll the dice.
  • Whatever number they land on, they get to fill that numbered cup. For eg: If someone got a 4, they then pour beer into cup no. 4.
  • Now, player 2 then gets to roll. If the person rolls a 4, they must consume cup 4. If not, they must fill a different cup with whatever the die roll is.
  • Up until a cup is full, the player must keep rolling.
  • At last, each dice number corresponds to a specific cup: A cup that is empty is filled, and a cup that is full must be drunk.

Dice Hockey

Dice Drinking Games

In this game, you need to make two teams sitting opposite each other and create a goal area by taping a line across the middle of the table, about four or five inches in from each side. After this, you proceed with these steps:

  • Each squad rolls dice and it must reach the end zone.
  • When a team scores a “goal,” the dice number indicates their points.
  • These points equal drinks for the other team. Teammates can share the drink.
  • A team wins when they reach 44 points. The losing team gets 4 drinks.


Dice Drinking Games

The most well-known game of poker dice is Yahtzee. While it’s fun to play it normally, adding some alcohol to the side makes everyone want to play it more! 

  • Play Yahtzee as it is played normally.
  • A player drinks every time he rolls an ace. If he rolls four aces in one turn, he must drink four times, and so on.
  • A player who rolls a Yahtzee can make other players drink. He can distribute rolled numbers to players. One player can choose four drinkers if he rolls a Yahtzee with the number 4.
  • Players start waterfalls when they roll tiny or large streets. The other players must follow this player’s one-shot drinking. Players must drink until the prior player stops.

You can always play Yahtzee online if you don’t have the actual game available.


Dice Drinking Games

This Japanese dice game will add so much life to your party! To play this exotic name, you would need two six-sided dice! Here’s how to play it: 

  • A player rolls two six-sided dice and hides the outcome.
  • Other players place wagers on whether the total is Odd (Han) or Even (Chō)
  • Their wagers should be supported by the number of drinks they’d drink if proven wrong to make it more interesting.
  • Roller tells the number and the losing team is about to get drippy now!

Down It Now

Dice Drinking Games

It’s one of the most riotous dice-drinking games out there and everyone can get really excited playing this one! You need to organise 3+ players in a circle. Make sure to keep a dice and a pint/shot glass ready to sip!

  • The first player rolls.
  • Your right neighbour guesses your role. First-person rolls the dice.
  • The first person drinks the centre glass if the prediction is right.
  • The dice roller drinks their own beer if they guess wrong.
  • Pass the dice to the right and play again.

Also, everyone has to compulsorily shout “Down it Now” to help the person drinking chug faster!

This three-step game is just like a ready steady go and it’s one of the easiest dice-drinking games you can find! Follow these steps to play it:

The 1- 2- 3

Dice Drinking Games

  • The first person to roll a 6 gets to choose the drink.
  • The second person to roll a 6 buys that drink. To save yourself from this one, try to fix a maximum spending limit.
  • The third person to roll a 6 will drink! 

The Skull And Dice Game

Dice Drinking Games

If you wanna host this game, make sure to stock up on some extra beers! To start with, arrange all your peeps in a circle and let the fun begin.

  • Shout SKULL and everyone drinks something.
  • Each player will roll the dice clockwise.
  • If you get 1 0r 6, only take a sip from your drink.
  • If you get 2 or 4, no drinks for you tonight!
  • If you get 3 or 5, choose anyone to drink your shot!

It’s a really fun game if you want everyone to drink in a fair quantity and have a gala time too!   

Tips to remember with dice drinking games

From my past party experience, I want you to be aware of these tips if you don’t want your party to be wrecked! Check these out: 

  • Don’t drink too much and keep taking breaks as these games can be very overwhelming and you might lose control and land yourself in an unhealthy condition while having all the fun! 
  • Games are only fun when played with rules. Hence, make sure no one cheats!
  • If you want to make your party a success, keep multiple games as everyone gets bored with one type!
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget to have a dope playlist to make all the alcohol drinking worth it!  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play dice throwing drinking game?

Beer dice, beer dye or snappa is a drinking game where participants sit or stand at opposite ends and toss a die over a specific height to land it in their opponent’s cup or hit the table and bounce it over the scoring area to the floor.

What is the dice game played in bars?

Bar dice is a drinking game played in bars and taverns. Players need five dice and a cup to play. In a bar or tavern, the game determines who pays for the following round. 

What is the game where you make drinks?

You may mix drinks with style in the virtual reality bartending game Flair tender.