12 Best Clubs in Atlanta, Georgia- 2023

Atlanta is a historic and dynamic city that comes alive at night, revealing a vibrant and varied nightlife. Atlanta opens its red carpet to a crowd of people over the age of eighteen who are energetic, youthful, and seeking exceptional experiences. Let’s take a tour of the most thrilling 18+ clubs in the city, where the evenings are legendary and the beats never stop.

Tongue & Groove In ATL

Clubs in Atlanta, Georgia

Tongue & Groove, a dance and music venue in the center of the city, is a tribute to Atlanta’s unwavering passion for dance and music. This club, which opened its doors in the 1990s, is an expert at hosting sophisticated yet completely thrilling parties. Tongue & Groove is the place to dance in Atlanta, featuring a crowd as diverse as the city itself and a sound system that feels like a heartbeat.

  • Timing: Wednesday – Saturday, 9:00 PM – 2:30 AM
  • Activities: Dance to the latest hits, book a VIP table, enjoy themed nights
  • Specialties: Signature cocktails, themed nights like the 80s night
  • Pricing: Cover charge starts at $10, with separate pricing for table reservations
  • Contact: (404) 261-2325

Cuban Rhapsody: Havana Club ATL

Clubs in Atlanta, Georgia

You are instantly taken to a realm of rhythmic bliss and Cuban charm when you enter Havana Club ATL. This club is a mosaic of Atlanta’s musical spirit, with numerous rooms pulsating distinct sounds, from sensuous Latin to thrilling EDM. Enjoy their excellent cigars and a lively beverage selection that complements the dance floor, too.

  • Location: 3112 Piedmont Rd. Atlanta, GA 30305
  • Timing: Friday & Saturday, 9 PM – 3 AM; Office Hours: Monday – Saturday, 12 PM – 7 PM
  • Activities: Enjoy Cuban ambiance, take salsa dancing lessons, live Latin music
  • Specialties: Mojitos, Cuban-inspired cocktails, cigar lounge experience
  • Pricing: VIP & bottle service reservations available
  • Contact: Information available on their website

Urban Oasis: Compound

Clubs in Atlanta, Georgia

Compound is an experience as much as a club. For those looking for an extravagant and exciting night out, this venue’s expansive outdoor space and innovative design provide a haven. The elite of Atlanta frequent Compound, which frequently hosts celebrities and prominent DJs.

  • Timing: Saturday, 10 PM – 3 AM
  • Activities: Dance outdoors in the courtyard, attend special events with top DJs
  • Specialties: VIP experience, themed party nights
  • Pricing: Around $20 for cover charge
  • Contact: (404) 400-5061

Underground Symphony: MJQ Concourse

Clubs in Atlanta, Georgia

The best-kept secret in Atlanta is MJQ Concourse, a club with an exclusive subterranean ambiance and a thriving underground scene. MJQ’s playlist, which crosses decades and genres, is proof of Atlanta’s unique musical taste and appreciation of the unusual.

  • Timing: Wednesday – Saturday, 11 PM – 3 AM
  • Activities: Dive into the underground music scene, eclectic ambiance
  • Specialties: Live bands or DJ sets, signature draft beers
  • Pricing: $5–$10 cover charge, free entry on Wednesdays
  • Contact: (404) 228-0880

Virtual Vortex: Revery VR Bar

Clubs in Atlanta, Georgia

The future of clubbing is realized at Revery VR Bar. Combining the ageless appeal of a superb cocktail with the virtual reality realm, this location provides an immersive experience unmatched. In one incredible night, dance, sip, and explore virtual realms.

  • Timing: Wednesday – Saturday, 7:00 PM – 2:30 AM
  • Activities: Virtual reality games, group VR activities
  • Specialties: Latest VR game releases, multiplayer VR experiences
  • Pricing: Information not provided
  • Contact: (470) 639-8448

Majestic Beats: The Mansion Elan

Clubs in Atlanta, Georgia

Glimmer and groove collide at The Mansion Elan. This club, which is well-known for bringing in big-name hip-hop musicians and throwing lavish parties, is a palace of rhythm with elaborate decor to match the celebrations it hosts.

  • Timing: Wednesday – Saturday, 9:00 PM – 2:30 AM
  • Activities: Attend celebrity-hosted events, luxurious ambiance
  • Specialties: VIP bottle service, signature Mansion cocktails
  • Pricing: Information not provided
  • Contact: (404) 997-6900

Soulful Rendezvous: Club Ellery’s

Clubs in Atlanta, Georgia

Groove meets grandeur at The Mansion Elan. This club, which is well-known for bringing in big-name hip-hop musicians and throwing lavish parties, is a palace of rhythm with elaborate decor to match the celebrations it hosts.

  • Timing: Wednesday – Saturday, 7:00 PM – 3:30 AM
  • Activities: Enjoy a soulful atmosphere, dance to R&B and hip-hop
  • Specialties: Soul food offerings, weekend special events
  • Pricing: Information not provided
  • Contact: (404) 755-2040

Karaoke Kingdom: Encore KTV Lounge

Karaoke Kingdom: Encore KTV Lounge

The karaoke experience is elevated to royal proportions at Encore KTV Lounge. This club encourages you to be the star of your show while enjoying the excitement and camaraderie of a fantastic night out. It offers private rooms and a large song selection.

  • Timing: Monday – Saturday, 7:00 PM – 3:00 AM; Sunday, 7:00 PM – 1:00 AM
  • Activities: Karaoke in private rooms, Asian-inspired menu
  • Specialties: Signature soju cocktails, group karaoke sessions
  • Pricing: Information not provided
  • Contact: (770) 756-8888

Eclectic Euphoria: Variety Playhouse

Clubs in Atlanta, Georgia

Variety Playhouse is a cultural center that hosts events ranging from club nights to concerts. It’s more than just a club. This venue captures the lively spirit of Atlanta with a dedication to diversity and a mood that is both warm and wild.

  • Timing: Monday – Friday, 2:00 PM – 6:00 PM
  • Activities: Live performances, historic venue
  • Specialties: Live concerts, local craft beers
  • Pricing: $84.67 for certain events
  • Contact: (404) 524-7354

Tropical Bliss: Club Miami

Clubs in Atlanta, Georgia

With a constant pounding and a tropical vibe, Club Miami transports the heat and soul of Miami to Atlanta. While enjoying the warmth of Atlanta’s most energetic club, dance to the beat of Latin beats and hip-hop hits.

  • Timing: Information not provided
  • Activities: Dive into the Miami-themed decor, dance to Latin and hip-hop mixes
  • Specialties: Miami Vice cocktail, Latin dance nights
  • Pricing: Entry tickets and table prices vary
  • Contact: (404) 929-9991

Delightful Sounds: Opera Nightclub

Clubs in Atlanta, Georgia

Opera Nightclub, a multi-level marvel housed in a historic edifice, offers a big experience and a playlist that pleases all musical tastes. Opera is where Atlanta goes to engage in the epic, whether it’s hip-hop or EDM.

  • Timing: Thursday – Saturday, 10:00 PM – 3:00 AM
  • Activities: Experience the grandeur, attend EDM nights
  • Specialties: VIP balcony experience, events with international DJs
  • Pricing: $20-30 cover charge
  • Contact: (202) 289-1400

Sweet Dancehall: Wild Bill’s

Clubs in Atlanta, Georgia

With a huge dance floor and a variety of live bands that keep the energy level high all night long, Wild Bill’s, one of the biggest dance clubs in the area, is a temple of rhythm.

  • Timing: Tuesday – Thursday, 10:00 PM – 6:00 AM; Friday – Saturday, 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM
  • Activities: Attend large concerts and events, massive dance floor
  • Specialties: Country music nights, signature Wild Bill drinks
  • Pricing: Information not provided
  • Contact: (678) 473-1000


The 18 and up clubs in atlanta offer a night of dancing, music, and amazing experiences. They represent a mosaic of the city’s colorful character.

Atlanta’s nightlife is a celebration of diversity, excitement, and the unwavering love for a good party, with everything from the lavish rhythms of The Mansion Elan to the underground vibes of MJQ Concourse. Thus, if you’re older than 18

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