Cement Mixer Shot Recipe- (Updated 2023)

Cement Mixer Shot

Do you wonder What a cement mixer shot is?  Well, this is probably the most amazing cocktail you can have at an amazing party. It has Irish cream liquor and lime juice which make this drink taste like heaven. But remember,  that the taste of lime juice and Irish cream liquor can make you vomit. … Read more

Recipe: Liquid Marijuanas Shot- (Updated 2023)

liquid marijuanas shot

To talk about liquid marijuana shots, let me first make it clear that this cocktail has no connection with marijuana. It is basically a cocktail with a green color that is prepared using melon liquor, spiced rum, coconut rum, sweet and sour mix, blue curacao, and pineapple juice, garnished with pineapple slices shaped like marijuana … Read more

Recipe For Scooby Snack Shot- (Updated 2023)

Scooby snack shot

Scooby Snack Shot is such a drink that it will blow your mind at the very first shot! Whenever you party with your friends, serve this amazing drink and get a ride in the mystery machine van along with the best melon and pineapple shooters around! I think you have already guessed that today I … Read more

Make A White Tea Shot In Just One Minute- 2023

white tea shot

Just like green tea shots, the cocktail white tea shot is also very popular among cocktail lovers. So I decided to make a variation by giving you the details of this amazing cocktail. Unlike green tea shots, where you use whisky, you have to use vodka in white tea shots. This vodka keeps the cocktail … Read more

Quick And Easy Green Tea Shot Method- 2023

green tea shot

The Jameson Green Tea, or the classic green tea shot, is nothing but a very famous whisky-based cocktail that contains peach schnapps. Some mixologists might mock the ingredients’ names and the combination as well, but it is really an excellent balance of sour and sweet tastes. The green tea shot, or Jameson green tea, can … Read more

How Many Ounces In A Shot

How Many Ounces In A Shot

The shot glass varies from country to country In reality, there is no official standardized size of the shot, rather the number of ounces depends on the size of the glass. Be it a Saturday friend’s hang-out evening or a late Sunday happy hour, shots are a staple for nearly every fun night weekend.  However, … Read more

How Many Shots Of Tequila To Get Drunk

How Many Shots Of Tequila To Get Drunk

A mild effect of tequila can be experienced in 1-2 shots of tequila, but everyone has a funny story when it comes to tequila, right? Sometimes,  Blacking out after 3-4 shots increase the chances of a hangover the next morning. And for some 5 or more shots can definitely increase the heat in the party … Read more

How Many Shots Of Vodka To Get Drunk?

How Many Shots of Vodka to Get Drunk?

You can get drunk on vodka if you don’t give enough time between each shot. Experts say that the average alcohol by volume (ABV) of this alcoholic drink is between 35% and 95%. Also, the amount may change depending on how it was made and what else was in it. It also has a higher … Read more

How Many Shots In A Pint? 

How Many Shots In A Pint? 

There are 10.67 shots in a U.S. Liquid pint, but the number varies for other “pint-sized” liquor bottles. Generally, a U.S. shot glass holds 1.5 ounces, and a U.S. liquid pint holds 16 ounces. So, here we can clearly figure out that, Pint lovers can enjoy 10.67 shots in a pint by dividing 16 ounces … Read more