Crooked Stave Surette

Sour beers and wild ales seem to be exploding in popularity here in the United States in recent years. While many of them are almost an afterthought by already established beer makers, several breweries are making their mark on the craft beer industry by either specializing in or exclusively brewing beers with some type of wild yeast or souring bacteria.

Casey Saison Batch #2

Casey Saison drank really well the entire time it was in my glass; it has a great amount of tart sour that beckons you to drink more of it. The second I finish a sip, I immediately want more. The way it awakens your taste buds is incredible; it keeps the drinker engaged and keeps your senses interested. Where a lot of beers tend to go flat and get boring, this one keeps you wanting more and more. This is a very impressive beer from a young brewery and I am very much looking forward to future offerings by Casey Brewing and Blending.

Funkwerks Saison

Like most modern American breweries, Funkwerks Inc. was born in the backyard of a home brewer. Gordan Schuck began brewing up 5 gallon batches in his Colorado home back in 2002. Within five years he was winning competitions for his beers including a gold medal for his saison at the National Home Brew Competition. That saison recipe is said to have taken him seven tries to master and has become beer that I have in front of me today.