Odell Bombeere Blackberry Gose

The gose style has been all the rage the last couple of years, due in large part to the popularity of Westbrook’s Gose. The release of that beer and the amount of press it received caused a flooding of the style onto the craft beer market. The stark reality of it all is this; some people clearly have mastered the style and pump out a great product and others are clearly trying to capitalize on the “hype” that the resurrection of this once forgotten brew has created. Gose is a German-style wheat beer that was traditionally brewed with salt and coriander and was low in alcohol to offer a refreshing and thirst quenching style of beer for warm days.

Odell Friek

When it comes to sour beers, Belgian lambics are widely-regarded as king.Lambic brewing is a Belgian tradition dating back hundreds or even thousands of years and is considered the oldest surviving commercial brewing style in the world. The beer is made by taking the hot wort and allowing it to cool over night exposed to the open air. There is a roughly 500-square-mile area that includes Brussles, Belgium and Payottenland that has the right mixture of airborne spores that are needed to create the flavors a true lambic consistently.

Odell Jaunt

Every craft brewer has a sense of adventure and creativity that fuels the constant obsession with brewing new beers. Without it they would not be a craft brewer. Like many breweries around the country Odell in Fort Collins, Colo. feeds that creativity by experimenting with small batch beers that include a variety of different brewing techniques, recipes and ingredients. Most of these one off creations are released in the tasting room for locals to enjoy but rarely make it outside of the brewery.

Odell Woodcut No. 8

Ask any beer nerd what the best state in the country is for craft beer and you will usually get some combination of California, Oregon and some votes for Vermont. For the most part I agree with that but, there is one state that is not mentioned enough in my opinion and that is Colorado.