Crooked Stave

Crooked Stave Surette

Sour beers and wild ales seem to be exploding in popularity here in the United States in recent years. While many of them are almost an afterthought by already established beer makers, several breweries are making their mark on the craft beer industry by either specializing in or exclusively brewing beers with some type of wild yeast or souring bacteria.

Crooked Stave Origins

Beer brewed with wild yeast strains are exploding in popularity with American craft beer lovers with more and more breweries are adventuring into this subset of beers every day.

One of the foremost experts in the field of wild yeast fermentation is Chad Jacobson of Crooked Stave. Jacobson spent his formative years studying wine until he came to the realization that beer is better than wine. Jacobson went on to open a brewery that brews only brettanomyces beers but not before writing his masters dissertation on brettanomyces fermentation. He has spent his entire professional career studying brett and how to unlock the true potential of this once feared yeast.