Anderson Valley

Anderson Valley Blood Orange Gose

Five years ago if you walked into a bar and asked for a gose even a knowledgeable bartender would have looked at you like you were crazy. Fast forward a few years and it has become a revived cult classic with hundreds of breweries offering there own take on the unique brew. Gose is a beer brewed with bacteria along with yeast, sea salt and spices to create a oddly refreshing sour and salty beer. has almost 400 unique beers listed under the gose category. That is a far cry from a day not too long ago when the style that was no longer produces anywhere in the world.

Anderson Valley Pinchy Jeek Barl

Started in 1987 with a small 10 barrel brewhouse, Anderson Valley Brewing Company has grown extensively over the past two decades. Having expanded its production capabilities just a little bit in the past two decades, they now have a wide distribution and name recognition that they might not have had even 10 years ago. Having seen it on the shelf but never having tried it myself, jumping into its lineup with the brewery’s new seasonal barrel-aged pumpkin ale, Pinchy Jeek Barl, sounded like as good a way to start off as any.