Drinking Game

How To Play Flip Cup Drinking Game?

Flip Cup Drinking Game

Drinking is fun, but imagine finishing your drink with no end of fun! When the two main characters toast each other, you can begin a game of flip-cup. Everyone should try to flip their cup when they’re done drinking. They do this by resting their cup on the edge of the table. Then, using only … Read more

Harry Potter Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay

Harry Potter Drinking Game

Are you a Harry potter fan? If you do messages like ‘Face your fears, ‘friendship is important, ‘belief in yourself’ must be familiar to you. And now the twist is, what if, you implement the fun and lessons of your harry potter drinking game Not sure, how? We have a perfect Harry Potter Drinking game … Read more

Rage Cage Drinking Game: Equipment & Rules

Rage Cage Drinking Game

Drink, Strategize and Play! Sounds like a challenge? Well, that’s the real fun of the party! Rage Cage is a very flexible game that lets you work together, race, and even play strategically. It is a drinking game that works well with a big group. In this fast-paced drinking game, people try to bounce ping-pong … Read more

Waterfall Drinking Game| Gameplay & Rules

Pizza Box Drinking Game

Waterfall drinking game rules are flexible because each player brings their style to the table. The effects of the 5, 7, and 8 cards are the most flexible and open to interpretation. Some compare Waterfall to King’s Cup or the Circle of Death. Similarities exist; however, Waterfall lacks the central cup of punishment found in … Read more

Beer Ball Drinking Game Rules & Tips

Beer Ball drinking game

Do you enjoy a chilled beer in the summer? If that’s true, do you know the rules? A.ha, beer fun can be doubled with beer ball rules. Wondering what’s that? Well don’t worry, it’s not Amber Nector! Let’s do 12-ounce curls and know the game and its rules!! Beer ball is a drinking game played … Read more

Pizza Box Drinking Game- Rules & Tips

Pizza Box Drinking Game

Are you a Pizza Lover? Well, how about playing a Pizza Box Drinking game this time? Wondering what it is and how to play it? Pick your box, and know the rules! The pizza box drinking game is an entertaining and original drinking game made for friends to gather and play without taking anything too … Read more