Drinking Game

Baseball Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay

Baseball Drinking Game

Now that you’ve mastered beer pong go on to baseball (Beer Pong + Flip Cup). A trip to Bodega isn’t complete until you play a few rounds of our favorite games, beer pong, and flip cup. They become filthy quickly and always have a great time. But  I have taken drinking games to the next … Read more

Monopoly Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay

Monopoly Drinking Game

Do you know, there is a game that specifically rules around a situation? This means, you mostly take a drink when certain things happen in the game. Intrigued?  Well, there are games that sound confusing but it is pretty simple and fun, and in fact, names suggest a lot i.e, a Monopoly drinking game! What … Read more

Text Or Drink Game Rules And Gameplay

Text Or Drink Game

Text and drive can be illegal, but text and drink is real fun! How! Let’s know all about it today! The Text or Drink card game is a fun twist on drinking with friends and getting to know them better. It will show who is willing to go out of their way to avoid getting … Read more

Pitty Pat Card Game Rules And Gameplay

Pitty Pat Card Game

Tippi, Tippi Tap! What a fun word to start a game, isn’t it? But how about, twisting it a little and saying Pitty Pat? mmm, a little short, but what if I say, it’s a perfect game if you are a group of 4 friends planning a night out with drinks, music, and jazz up … Read more

Chandelier Drinking Game: Light Up The Party

Chandelier Drinking Game

A drinking competition will begin at some point whether you are hosting a party with a group of friends or getting ready for a night out. The chandelier game, which is essentially a combination of flip cup and beer pong, is ideal for parties of medium to small size. Beer Pong and Flip Cup, two … Read more

Mario Party Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay

Mario party drinking game

Just like classic versions of Mario party which never get old and also when all the versions, ranging from Nintendo to Switch, are getting better and better, I discovered that Mario party can be a fun-filled, drinking game too. Not sure what I am talking about? Here is the real deal!  All About Mario Party … Read more

Quarters Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay

Quarter drinking game

Some say drinking games shouldn’t be complicated. After all, we are already trippy! So I thought, this time at my party, ill keep it light. A.a, not my vodka shots, but the fun drinking game. And here’s the game! Quarter-drinking game! All About Quarters Drinking Game Quarters is one of the most popular drinking games … Read more