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Waterfall Drinking Game| Gameplay & Rules

Pizza Box Drinking Game

Waterfall drinking game rules are flexible because each player brings their style to the table. The effects of the 5, 7, and 8 cards are the most flexible and open to interpretation. Some compare Waterfall to King’s Cup or the Circle of Death. Similarities exist; however, Waterfall lacks the central cup of punishment found in … Read more

Game Of Drinking Cards: Screw Your Neighbor- 2023

screw your neighbor card game

Screw Your Neighbor is a card game you can enjoy as a fun drinking game with the thrill of planning strategies. It’s the ultimate entertainment for a house party, family gathering, or while hanging out with friends.  The rules of screw your neighbor are very simple. You need 3 or more players for this game … Read more

Guide On BS Card Game Rules For Players

BS Card Game Rules

Are you eagerly waiting to know BS Card game rules? The bullshit Card game is known by multiple names such as ‘I Doubt It’, ‘Bluff’, ‘Liar’, ‘Cheat’, etc. It is actually a multiplayer card game. Players will need courage and deception to play this game. Also, each player in BS Card Game will need to … Read more

Casino Card Game Rules: How To Play The Game

Casino Card Game Rules

Casino Card game rules are simple enough to understand for anyone. Casino playing cards will need two or four people. But, Casino Cards are the best when they are played by two people only. In the Casino Card Games, a deck of 52 cards is used. If this game is played by two people, the … Read more

Circle of Death Drinking Game Rules And Gameplay

Circle of Death Drinking Game

It was a balmy summer evening, and I had gotten together with several friends for a dinner party. As the evening progressed and the talk continued, someone proposed that we play a game—specifically, the Circle of Death drinking game. I was initially hesitant. I’ve never been a fan of drinking games since I want to … Read more

Wizard The Card Game Rules And Gameplay

Wizard The Card Game

Trust everybody, but cut the cards! Sounds like a familiar trick to win in the card game? Well, I love mystery and suspense in card games, And, here comes one of my favourites, The Wizard card game. If you haven’t played well in your group, trust me, you are missing out on something very interesting. … Read more