Tanisha Singhal

Recipes For Vegas Bomb Shots- (Updated 2023)

Vegas Bomb Shot

The Vegas bomb shot is nothing but a cocktail that you make from a royal flush shot and an energy drink like Red Bull. When you serve the Vegas bomb shot, you have to serve it with a glass of energy drink.  Every single shot of Vegas Bomb Drink needs to be served with a … Read more

Cement Mixer Shot Recipe- (Updated 2023)

Cement Mixer Shot

Do you wonder What a cement mixer shot is?  Well, this is probably the most amazing cocktail you can have at an amazing party. It has Irish cream liquor and lime juice which make this drink taste like heaven. But remember,  that the taste of lime juice and Irish cream liquor can make you vomit. … Read more

Recipe: Liquid Marijuanas Shot- (Updated 2023)

liquid marijuanas shot

To talk about liquid marijuana shots, let me first make it clear that this cocktail has no connection with marijuana. It is basically a cocktail with a green color that is prepared using melon liquor, spiced rum, coconut rum, sweet and sour mix, blue curacao, and pineapple juice, garnished with pineapple slices shaped like marijuana … Read more

5 Best Bars In Gaslamp San Diego- (Updated 2023)

best bars in Gaslamp San Diego

Visiting Gaslamp San Diego is like enjoying the good food, pretty ambiance, soothing music, and exploring some of the best bars in the city. So, the moment my friends and I planned to visit this place, stepping into some of the best bars in Gaslamp San Diego was at the top of our priority list.  … Read more

Recipe For Scooby Snack Shot- (Updated 2023)

Scooby snack shot

Scooby Snack Shot is such a drink that it will blow your mind at the very first shot! Whenever you party with your friends, serve this amazing drink and get a ride in the mystery machine van along with the best melon and pineapple shooters around! I think you have already guessed that today I … Read more