Community Beer Co. is aging its latest Barrel-Aged Legion in a very different type of barrel than it has used before.

In an email, Jamie Fulton, brewmaster at Community, told Tenemu that the newest incarnation of the Dallas, Texas-based brewery’s barrel-aged Russian imperial stout will have aged in Jamaican rum barrels for six months. The base beer is  Community’s Legion, a 10 percent ABV Russian imperial stout that incorporates 12 different malts, including English Maris Otter, dark crystal and highly roasted black malts.

This will mark the sixth time that Barrel-Aged Legion has been released in bottles:

  • Barrel-Aged Legion — December 2014 — Aged in Heaven Hill Distillery barrels
  • Barrel-Aged Legion — January 2015 — Aged in a variety of bourbon barrels
  • Barrel-Aged Legion — February 2015 — Aged in a variety of bourbon barrels
  • Barrel-Aged Legion — November 2015 — Aged in Woodford Reserve barrels for five months
  • Barrel-Aged Legion — November 2016 — Aged in 5-year-old scotch barrels from The Macallan distillery for over 12 months
  • Barrel-Aged Legion — November 2017 — Aged in Jamaican rum barrels for six months

According to Fulton, this incarnation of Barrel-Aged Legion will include “slightly more” bottles than last year’s release and will be packaged in four-packs of 12-ounce bottles that are scheduled to begin shipping to retailers “around November.” In addition, each bottle will be date coded with Rum Barrel on the bottom to differentiate them from previous releases.