It may be sold out, but you still have a chance to land one of these.

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Up for grabs in our latest contest is a 2015 Bourbon County Brand Stout glass from Goose Island Brewing Co. in Chicago, Ill.

Update (Feb. 19, 2016) — Winner announced.

  • RochesterAaron

    Backyard Rye for sure.

  • bdswan

    Backyard Rye

  • jshk

    I’ve only ever had the regular Bourbon County Brand Stout, so that’s my favorite by default.

  • Scott Stearman

    Awesome glass!

  • JoeK5

    I like coffee version but i heard this years was infected and they gave refunds

  • armstrks

    Regular. Both my Barleywine and Coffee were infected, and I couldn’t get my hands on the Rye, alas.

  • RandallSimon

    Great looking glass.

  • Jeff Ketcham

    Have some waiting for a glass.

  • jpgem


  • JimFain

    Boubon County Brand Stout of course.

  • Can’t go wrong with the BCBS.

  • cohibaguru

    Sweet glass

  • Barrel Beer Man

    My favorite are the 12 oz bottles of regular BCBS… one of the best barrel aged stouts out there, easiest to get of the line-up, cheaper and it’s easy to just have one beer when in the mood.

  • Seagar

    Good looking glass. Thank you Bourbon County Brand.

  • swede214

    NICE!  I hope to be sipping from this glass soon. Thanks for the contest.

  • DerekLavigne

    I love the Boubon County Brand Stout

  • CraigCorb

    I think my favorite would be the Regal Rye Stout.

  • bigpblue

    I like the Bourbon County Brand Stout.

  • MargaretKing14

    Boubon County Brand Stout of course.

  • Only had a few but I really dig the coffee variant.

  • RussellMoore

    BCBS  is best.

  • ChrisMckenzie2

    Cheers!! Oh wait… I don’t have z glass. Lol

  • SunshineMayhem

    Mine is the Bourbon County Brand stout!

  • jeffmadre

    BCBS 2015 was nice to me.

  • RebeccaStephen

    It is hard to tell which one I like or want. Bourbon County Brand is best

  • jheibel

    Can’t wait to use my new glass!

  • galos11

    loved Prop this year

  • misti911

    My favorite is Boubon County Brand Stout

  • KristenHendricks

    My favorite Bourbon County release is Proprietors’ Bourbon County Brand Stout.