Wild Ale

The Rare Barrel Forces Unseen (Batch Three)

The Rare Barrel is a relatively new brewery founded in 2013 by Jay Goodwin, Brad Goodwin, and Alex Wallash. Jay Goodwin earned his stripes as brewer and head of the barrel aging program for The Bruery and since founding The Rare Barrel have won several awards at various competitions for their blends of sour beer. Recently at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival, the Rare Barrel earned two new medals to add to their trophy room. A silver medal for Ensorcelled, and a bronze medal for Apropos of Nothing.

Ale Apothecary El Cuatro

The craft beer industry is filled with countless success stories of people throwing caution to the wind and chasing their dreams. Generally against the wishes of family and friends home brewers across the country have been risking it all, often leaving other careers or hard earned college degrees, to open up their areas newest craft brewery. Oregon's Paul Arney is a perfect example of this.